How long does a book edit take?


Depending on what you're asking to get done, a book generally takes between 7 - 10 days.  At the most 2 weeks.


Could an unscrupulous book editor steal my idea?


I wouldn't! I am truthful and honest.  I will work with you to help you achieve the best outcome, not steal your ideas.


How It Works

once we've agreed to work with each other, I request a copy of your book in Microsoft Word, where I will read through and make changes and suggestions in track changes and comments. I will send everything back to you to look over and either accept or decline the changes made. Depending on whether you do a primary or secondary edit, I will ask that you send back your book so that a second read through can be done.



Why do I need a book editor?


You may know what your book is supposed read like, but chances are when you self edit you may miss a few errors and details.  An editor is a great resource and help for you and your book, and can help spot errors that you may have missed.  They're also a good sound board and can work with you.


What is your editing method?


My editing method is simple: I do content editing, and the obvious spelling/grammatical editing. I will make notes for you to see if I have questions, as well as let you know what I loved. We work together as a team!